About Us

About Mountain View Church of Christ (MVCC)

Mountain View Church of Christ (Christian) is located in a rural community 5 miles south of Maryville, Tennessee near the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. We learn about the Word by studying the Bible.

The ministry of MVCC is to spread God's word through example, love and prayer. We believe that each person can share in this ministry by giving of their unique gifts to others. We welcome guests to join us in worship and song each week.

History of the Church

The first Mountain View Church of Christ (Christian) building was completed in 1906 and the church was formally organized in October, 1907. From the beginning, faithfulness to the preaching and teaching "the whole counsel of God" was very important.

During the early years most of the preachers were students who came from Johnson Bible College in Knoxville on the weekends to teach and to preach. Around 1930 James Spencer Holland was hired as the first continuous minister of the church while still a student at the college. He served as the minister for 23 years.

The present building was built in 1955 on the former Christy Hill School property.